Captain Matters
Wednesday March 29, 2017


Sleep Deprivation, fatigue of the yacht crew members - Captain MattersDuring heavy use of the yacht by Charterers or Owners, even if the shipboard working arrangements meet the request standard, the captain may face some crew members suffering of sleep deprivation without being aware of it.

The crew on board needs to be informed and take rest when possible according to roster and duties.

It is possible that tired crew members may cause accident or put somebody else into danger.

Here are a few tips to Help Combat Sleep Deprivation:

•  Take as many 20-minute cap naps as possible throughout the day (but don’t forget to set the Alarm !)
•  To promote quality sleep, make sure the room is dark and quiet and remove anything that will affect the senses
•  Try to avoid eating heavy, fatty meals before you go to sleep. Gastric emptying takes about half an hour to an hour, and much longer with fatty foods.
•  Drink water constantly to ensure you avoid the onset of dehydration
•  A hot bath or shower encourages the onset of quality sleep
•  Avoid caffeine such as tea or coffee, and alcohol, which can be a stimulant to.

Sleep Deprivation, fatigue of the yacht crew members - Captain MattersHereafter are 10 SIGNS OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION

1.    Decision-making becomes difficult
2.    Become emotional and insecure
3.    Difficulty concentrating
4.    Irritability – Tolerance decreases massively which can lead to aggression
5.    Feeling constantly drained and exhausted
6.    Impaired coordination
7.    Blurred vision
8.    Slower reflexes and reduced physical and mental work performance
9.    Loss of memory
10.  Stressed and moody

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Questions of the Month

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- Why many experienced captains are never given a chance to get a position on a 30+ m ?

- What is really covering your yacht crew member insurance ?

- During the season, is there enough time for safety drills and training ?

- Can Captains count on duty crew members at dock in case of emergency ?



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