Chef Assistant
Thursday March 30, 2017


1. Guest and crew meals nutrition by supervising and participating in the preparation of a wide variety of foodstuffs.

2. Estimates food needs, reviews inventory to assure that adequate supplies are available,
requisitions food and other supplies from stockroom or commissary.

3. Does skilled cooking and food preparation.

4. Coordinates food service activities to have meals prepared at scheduled time.

5. Supervises storage and use of leftover foodstuffs and uncooked products.

6. Inspects, supervises and participates in the cleaning of kitchens.

7. Trains and instructs employees in cooking, food preparation and food handling
techniques; supervises subordinate cooks during a minor portion of the employee’s work
time, where duties including assigning, reviewing and evaluating work.

8. Packages and freezes samples of all served food to comply with health regulations.

9. Operates all food service equipment and machinery.

10. Is in charge of the kitchen on the chef’s regularly scheduled days off.

11. May open and secure kitchen and dining facilities.

12. Maintains records of food prepared and served and supplies used.

13. Assists in evaluating new recipes and products.

14. Food safety and storage standards,  Ability to overcome seasickness

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Questions of the Month

- Why an additional paragraph social media policy should be added to the crew contract ?

- Why many experienced captains are never given a chance to get a position on a 30+ m ?

- What is really covering your yacht crew member insurance ?

- During the season, is there enough time for safety drills and training ?

- Can Captains count on duty crew members at dock in case of emergency ?



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