Chief Engineer
Friday March 24, 2017


1. Maintain in good working order the yacht's electrical and mechanical systems

2. Required licenses

3.Responsible for: engines, generators, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, water supply, desalination, cooling, jacuzzi, bathroom fixtures, toilet systems, basic plumbing, inverters, lighting systems

4.Electronics knowledge: sophisticated communications, computers, entertainment systems, special made "gadgets"

5. On smaller yacht, is expected to have a navigation knowledge, watch during passages

6. Advance Diesel knowledge

7. Managing the loads, inform crew members about the yacht's demands and limitations

8. Ability to isolate a problem and if a permanent solution is not available, to invent a temporary solution

9. Fire fighting and prevention

10. Spare parts inventory control

11. Yachting etiquette

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Questions of the Month

- Why an additional paragraph social media policy should be added to the crew contract ?

- Why many experienced captains are never given a chance to get a position on a 30+ m ?

- What is really covering your yacht crew member insurance ?

- During the season, is there enough time for safety drills and training ?

- Can Captains count on duty crew members at dock in case of emergency ?



Apartment for Rent

2 Room apartment situated on the French Riviera, in Theoule sur Mer, half an hour from Cannes