Chief Steward(ess)
Friday March 24, 2017


1. Hostessing Skills,the first priority is the comfort of all the guests

2. Food Service, Silver Service, garnish side dishes

3. Meticulous cleaning experience, interior maintenance, silver polishing knowledge

4. Basic cleaning products knowledge

5. Setting of a proper table, napkins folding

6. Laundry management, ironing

7. Bartender, waitress, wine listing

8. Politeness, entertaining spirit

9. Plan each steward(ess) day's work

10. Interior Decorator, flower arrangements

11. Care properly of all the worth decorations

12. Guest's needs anticipation

13. Wine waiter knowledge

14. Uniforms and general inventories

15. Accounting

S5 Box


Questions of the Month

- Why an additional paragraph social media policy should be added to the crew contract ?

- Why many experienced captains are never given a chance to get a position on a 30+ m ?

- What is really covering your yacht crew member insurance ?

- During the season, is there enough time for safety drills and training ?

- Can Captains count on duty crew members at dock in case of emergency ?



Apartment for Rent

2 Room apartment situated on the French Riviera, in Theoule sur Mer, half an hour from Cannes